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At Sullivan County SPCA, our team would like to thank you for your interest in our shelter. We are passionate about animals and have made it our mission to match our adoptable animals with loving pet owners that are sure to provide them with the love and care they need.

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The Sullivan County SPCA has dedicated volunteers helping us help the animals. Without these compassionate, caring people, we couldn’t continue our efforts on behalf of the animals. Just a couple of hours a week can make a difference in an animal’s life. Please see the following list of opportunities. There is something to suit every interest and skill!

Ways to Volunteer

Assist staff in the daily care of cats, dogs, and farm animals. These duties can include cleaning cages, helping with feeding, socializing with the animals, cat cuddling, horse socializing, and general cleaning in all areas of the shelter.

Get your exercise while making a dog smile! These volunteers give the dogs a short break from their kennels by taking them on a 10-minute walk. Lots of experience with dogs? Take a big, energy-filled dog out for a fun-filled jaunt and help him learn his walking manners! Or maybe you’d like something a little quieter? Take one of our smaller dogs, or dogs have already learned to walk like a polite doggie. A member of our staff will help you choose.

If you’re a People Person AND an Animal Person, then this is the job for you! Held at various locations throughout the area, volunteers work to find homes for the animals by taking them to special adopt-a-thon events throughout the area.

Do you have a skill that you can volunteer? Professional help from contractors, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, accountants, dog trainers, experienced farm workers, facility maintenance pros is expensive for us! If you have a skill and some extra time that you would be willing to donate, please let us know…it would be greatly appreciated!

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Become a Member

We want to let our members know that they are a vital part of our shelter community. Through the cost of membership at $25 a year, you can have the opportunity to share your valuable input with the Board of Directors and become more directly involved with the various activities happening at our shelter.

Our members are a major part of our operations and include volunteers, fundraisers, dog walkers, and shelter helpers. If you are interested in joining our shelter family, fill out our membership applications to get started. We, and the animals, look forward to building great relationships with you!

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